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Customer Testimonials

"Gus is a great teacher able to teach any playing style from beginner to advanced. He will give you a strong foundation and understanding of music that will help you learn to play your favorite songs and even write your own. In the 3 years he has been my teacher he has really helped me become a better metal lead and rythym guitarist."

-Kris G. guitar (Cos Cob, CT)

"Having a skilled, knowledgable shredder of a guitar teacher makes learning music fun and easy. Thanks to Gus I am now able to play songs by all my favorite bands, write my own music, and experiment with many different styles of playing such as metal, rock, blues, flamenco and acoustic. Gus is one of the few teachers in the area who can teach advanced theory, he has prepared me to enter college as a music major after just five years of lessons. Gus's teaching methods have helped me see the guitar in a different light and form my own style of play."

-Danny C.(Riverside, CT)

"Gus is an incredible guitar teacher whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student. He did a phenomenal job of motivating me and making learning guitar fun and easy. I can now play all my favorite songs, and he was able to teach me lots of music theory and scales as well. He is very adaptable, and whatever you want to learn he will teach you. If you are looking for a great guitar teacher, look no further than Gus."

- Alex M.(Old Greenwich, CT)

"Gus is a great teacher and pushes me hard to play the difficult parts of classic rocks songs I have never even bothered to try. I am probably one of his older students with a hectic life and very little free time. The few hours we spend each week is one of the few things I truly look forward to. His love of music is contagious. Lessons are never boring and we always have fun."

-Tom M. (Cos Cob, CT)

I have had guitar teachers in both NYC and LA and Gus is the best by far. As an intermediate player, Gus has helped me with subtle nuances that other teachers don't notice or don't teach. His knowledge of Metal and Metal Techniques is top-notch but can also teach almost all types of music on guitar. Also, if there is something you really want to learn, Gus will help you learn it, while many others teachers will only teach you what they want to teach you.

-Scott M. (Stamford, CT and NYC)

"Of the three guitar instructors I've had, Gus was by far the best one. I learned more from Gus the first month of lessons than I did the entire year prior to him. Thanks to Gus, I'm now able to play some of my favorite songs by my favorite bands (Metallica, Iron Maiden, Nirvana, etc). Gus pushed me to just the right levels during lessons and with his material; I never felt like it was going to be impossible for me to get better, he was very encouraging with a good ear and eyes. He'd notice a single wrong note in my playing and greatly improve my hand technique. I absolutely, 100% recommend Gus as a teacher. I would still be taking lessons if I hadn't moved away! He is an incredible teacher."

-Jon H. (New York,NY)

"Gus is a great guitar teacher. He has been teaching my son for 3 years and my son thoroughly enjoyed it. He has developed his passion for music and pushed him to try more challenging songs with great success."

-Amy L. (Greenwich, CT)

" A few words about Gus Sinaro. This man is a brilliant teacher. He pushes his students to do their best and teaches with so much enthusiasm!!! He knows it all, from music theory to recording in the studio. He is also a great person , he is just a man who loves teaching. A man who has inspired many to be amazing and successful musicians. Great job Gus..."

-Mark B. ( Greenwich, CT)

"I found Gus through web when searching for guitar lessons for my son. I contacted Gus and started lessons early January. After only 5 lessons my son went from never playing a guitar to playing progressions and some riffs and extremely excited about learning how to play guitar. Both I and my son are very pleased with Gus as a teacher and someone that has a huge guitar experience across all types of music genres: rock, metal, classic, Bossa Nova, Blues, etc. I highly recommend Gus".

-Joseph D. (Stamford,CT)

"Gus has been my guitar teacher for five years. He has taught me to play rock, blues, metal, jazz, and acoustic. He has also taught me to sing and perform. I always look forward to my lessons with Gus because Gus makes learning guitar fun and he always encourages me to push myself to become a better guitarist. Gus is a talented musician, a dedicated teacher, and a great person. "

-Gavin M. (Old Greenwich, CT)

We moved from Germany and found Gus to be the ideal person to continue our daughters lessons (12y). Starting with her acoustic guitar she now moved to e-guitar and has so much fun. Gus is a very professional musician and his passion for music is amazing. We can definitely recommend him, he's a great person.

-Jorg K. (Riverside, CT)

Gus is a great teacher for any level of playing, I've been playing for 15+ years and wanted some soloing and scale theory lessons. Im very pleased with his skill and look forward to every lesson

Mike D. (New Haven, CT)

In six months working with Gus, I’ve gone from someone who could play a few songs on the guitar to having a robust knowledge of various techniques with the confidence to learn new styles. We focus on everything from metal, blues, rock, classical, along with music theory, scales, techniques like finger tapping, hammers/pull-offs, soloing, and muting; the list goes on. We mix up our sessions between theory and scales, and songs and riffs that make each week a new experience. I look forward to my lesson every week and think he is the best teacher for students of all skill sets and ages!

Adam P. (Stamford, CT)

GREAT INSTRUCTOR!! Has a lot of patience and has an incredible technique on the way he instructs. Explains things in detail, yet in a manner that makes them very easy to understand and apply. Very friendly. Gustavo is a top notch instructor. ★★★★★

Morgan B. (Stamford, CT)

Before I started lessons with Gus, I wasn't sure how to become more than an intermediate guitar player. He instantly picked up exactly where I was in my playing ability, faster than anyone had before. Immediately, he taught me the most helpful ways of visualizing the fret board I've seen yet. We covered huge amounts of material, from scales to sweep picking to economy picking to wacky chord progressions for improvising over, to breaking down the most complicated Dream Theater and Symphony X songs so I could play them on my own. Thanks to him, I now have the confidence to tackle any song, any technique, and any genre I want too learn how to play. 


Josh G. (Stamford, CT)

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